The Mid-Week Course “Laying The Foundation”
Tuesday – Thursday
This course is available for one month only
& starts on 30th September 2014

2 1/2 day Qigong and Pralaya Yoga Introduction with Lenore
All levels of experience can be accommodated.
Cost: 6500 NRs

This Mid-week Course will offer an introduction to Qigong and Pralaya yoga.
Laying and maintaining a good, solid foundation is the most important step in forming a regular yoga or qigong practice.  A well rooted practice can create an atmosphere of ease and strength and enable to you bring that state into your daily life.

Yoga and qigong provide people with a vehicle to change how they move – to find the stillness in movement and movement in stillness to cultivate an environment to heal and feel better.

This course aims to share tools to start your own practice or build on your current practice.  These tools can enrich your life, by increasing your body awareness, giving you a different focus, and providing you with a supportive and empowering language.

Lenore Searle

Lenore Searle

Everyone is welcome to attend the Mid-Week Course. It doesn’t matter if you have a regular practice or are new to these types of practices, you will find the centre a relaxed, supportive and tranquil environment to practice in.

Suitable for beginners and regular practioners.

Lenore Searle
Lenore is from America.  She has been practicing Pralaya yoga since 2012 with Robert Boustany.  Lenore is attracted to Pralaya yoga for its focus on therapeutics and energetics.  In 2013, she began practicing qigong as part of her studies under Lao Da Long, a Daoist priest.  Lenore worked as a Clinical Lab Scientist for six years, now she spends her time mentoring abused children, working with hospice patients and continuing her studies in Daoism, Reiki, Reconnective healing and yoga.

In the short time Lenore has been exploring the path of yoga and qigong she has experienced her own healings.

Lenore looks forward to sharing her love for qigong, yoga and meditation.