Courses & Retreats

  • WHEN? Tues-Thurs

    The Mid-week Course is an introduction to Qigong, Pralaya Yoga and Meditation. This course aims to share tools to start your own practice or build on your current practice.

  • WHEN? Daily, Mon to Fri

    The centre runs daily yoga sessions along with a 3 day mid-week yoga and meditation course. Join just one session or do a complete introductory course, with optional onsite room.

  • WHEN? FRI / 2:30PM TO SUN

    The Weekend Course is a popular three day introduction to Buddhist philosophy, meditation and yoga starting Friday afternoon at 2.30pm. Daily vegetarian food and 3 nights accommodation are provided.

  • WHEN? On request

    The centre offers courses in Reiki, a holistic therapy for self-healing and supporting others on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.