Pokhara Buddhist Meditation Centre has almost outgrown it’s current location and today at times guests even have to be turned away.

In August 2011 Lama Zopa did a divination, and was happy with the idea of selling the existing Centre and building a larger Centre at Khapaudi, about four kilometres away, overlooking Lake Fewa.

Pokhara Buddhist Meditation Centre

Pokhara Meditation Centre – offering water bowls is a way to purify the mind

The Future
The new, larger centre will offer space for 30 people courses and group retreats, and 5 – 10 cabins for individual retreats.

There will be a great variety of residential courses some of which may be longer.

The design and finishing standard will be higher than the present one with security being an important factor.

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More Information
The main courses will be:

  • Meditation and teaching Buddhism: The Weekend Course introducing Buddhism, offering Yoga and meditation sessions. At times this can be extended from three days to last a week or longer
  • Yoga camps
  • Accommodation: all rooms will have an attached bathroom, 2 dormitories with 6 – 10 beds would each have a shared bathroom (This may limit overall use, few people want to stay in dormitories when they are not in a course and dorms during long retreats can be difficult.)
  • Food: dining hall could be combined with a library-café and gift shop
  • Retreats during monsoon, possibly including Tara, Medicine Buddha or Vajrasattva
  • Reiki courses
  • Additional optional points are:

  • Pilgrimage trek with meditation and yoga – to be organised together with a travel agent in Kathmandu
  • Time share cabins for pensioners who would lie to spend a few months of the year here
  • Once or twice a year the centre can organise an 11- or 21-day group tour for people looking for personal growth and an adventure. Starting point is the pick-up at the airport in Kathmandu and bringing them to the new Pokhara centre overlooking a lake surrounded by the Himalayan hills. To acclimatise they will spend a few days at the centre, doing an introductory course in Buddhism and yoga, with trips to local sights (Peace Stupa, sunrise over the Annapurna, etc.). The group could trek to ‘power places’ for pilgrims and experience unforgettable sights for nature lovers. This could also include daily yoga and meditation practices with experienced instructors. Possibilities of offering spa, massage, Reiki treatments in conjunction with others must be checked.

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